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What to Expect

Visiting a new church can be pretty intimidating. 

It’s tough sometimes to meet new people as you seek to find a healthy church family. We recognize this in Sovereign Grace Church, so we would like to give you a heads-up on what you can expect when you visit with us.

Welcoming You

It is our intention to be as welcoming and inviting as we possibly can. So when you walk through the doors of our church you will be greeted by our friendly church family. When we say “church family” that’s exactly what we mean. God has graciously blessed our church with folks who genuinely are excited to be with one another and worship corporately with one another. It’s the real deal!

Sunday School

Every Sunday we have bible studies for all ages. We gather for Sunday School at 9.30 AM and usually go for about an hour. It’s truly a sweet time where we can teach our people from the youngest to the oldest in the Scriptures. We are currently working our way through the Baptist Catechism Questions, deepening our understanding of  biblical theology and doctrine

Nursery & Children

Every Sunday we have a nursery that is available with loving and caring parents that are ready to minister each week to those with little ones by providing a nursery that is available for newborns to 4 years old. We praise God for the little ones in our church because our children are a gift from the Lord (Psalm 127.3).

For our older boys and girls we allow them to gather with us in our corporate gathering. We long for our children to see Dad & Mom and other brothers and sisters in Christ worshipping Jesus together. We value our children witnessing the grace of God being poured out as a fellowship of Christians sing together, pray together, and listen to God’s word together. It’s a beautiful thing!

Worship Style

The music that we sing communicates the glories, perfections, and works of Jesus Christ. Therefore, we take singing and what we sing very seriously in Sovereign Grace Church. It is our intention that we make every corporate gathering to be about Jesus Christ and that includes our worship through music. We aim to use both God-centered hymns of old as well as new songs that are being written today that sing of the magnificence of God.

We hope that you will quickly notice that we strive to honor God with every word and note as well as to glorify Him through our fellowship, giving, singing, and preaching.

“Biblical worship is God-focused (God is clearly seen), God-centered (God is clearly the priority), and God-exalting (God is clearly honored).” ~ Bob Kauflin


In Sovereign Grace Church we aim to elevate God’s Word as our rule of faith. Therefore, our Elders preach expository sermons. What this means is they teach the full counsel of God’s word verse by verse by preaching through different books of the Bible.

It is important to us in SGC to make sure that you hear from God’s word and not just what may be popular in our culture at the moment. Over time this approach to preaching and teaching has proven itself faithful to bring about salvation to those in need and bring Christians to maturity in Christ with a fuller understanding of God and how God desires for His people to live.

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